Austria vignette basic information

Austria vignette is a modern toll payment that applies to vehicles under 3.5t on motorways and expressways in Austria. In 2018, a digital vignette for Austria replaced a traditional vignette sticker since it became a more convenient option.

Based on travel plans, both car and motorbike drivers can choose between several vignette types according to the validity period: 1-day vignette, 10-day vignette, 20-day vignette, 2-month vignette, or annual vignette. If a vehicle weighs more than 3.5t, it must have the distance-based GoBox system installed.

International and local travelers can obtain a vignette Austria online in a simple and intuitive way. Fill out a short electronic form on the website by providing your vehicle information and your contact details. Then, you should cover the service fees using online payment methods and check your email address – the Austria vignette confirmation will be delivered there in PDF form.

The digital vignette for Austria is electronically connected to the registration plate number of the vehicle, so drivers do not have to print out the confirmation.

Random checks of the vehicle’s registration numbers are conducted all over Austria, and those drivers who use toll roads without a valid vignette will be penalized.


Motorbikes up to 3.5t


85.00 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t


39.50 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t


28.00 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t


15.50 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t

Cars up to 3.5t


129.00 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t


49.00 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t


36.00 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t


19.80 EUR

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t

How to buy an Austria digital vignette online

Anyone can order a digital vignette for Austria easily and without issues. To initiate the online purchase on our website, follow this simple guide:

  1. Choose the vignette type and complete the form. You will have to share the license plate number of your vehicle, its registration country, class, and your contact details. Double-check the form to ensure it is error-free.
  2. Pay the fees. There are numerous online payment methods to choose from, including debit and credit cards.
  3. Refresh your inbox. The confirmed digital vignette for Austria will be sent directly to your email address.

Download the PDF document of your Austria e-vignette confirmation onto your portable device. The paper copy is not required since the digital vignette for Austria is linked to the vehicle’s registration plate number.

Why are vignettes obligatory in Austria

A digital vignette is mandatory in Austria since it provides a direct source of income for maintaining the toll roads in the country. It ensures a safe road for both locals and foreign travelers.

The vignette requirement applies to drivers of vehicles over 3.5t. Bus and lorry drivers must install a special system GoBox, which calculates the fee according to the distance.

However, there are several exceptions to the vignette obligation. It is not required on the following roads:

  • A1 Westautobahn: road section between the border at Walserberg and the Salzburg
  • A12 Inntalautobahn: road section between the border at Kufstein and the Kufstein-Süd junction
  • A14 Rheintal/Wlagau Autobahn: road section between the country at Hörbranz and the Hohenems junction
  • A26 Linzer Autobahn: road under maintenaince


Austria has a network of cameras that make random checks of the vehicles’ registration numbers all over the country. Checks are also performed by the Service-und-Kontrolldiesnt (SKD) inspectors, who verify the vehicles and the validity period of vignettes digitally linked to them.

Those drivers who violate the vignette obligation will be fined. The fine for drivers of motorcycles is 65 EUR, while car owners must pay 120 EUR for driving on Austria’s toll road system without a valid vignette. The penalty for drivers of vehicles over 3.5t without the GoBox system is as much as 240 EUR.

Benefits of obtaining an Austrian vignette online

The benefits of a digital vignette to Austria are considerable:

  • You can buy a vignette for Austria from any place with internet access, so it is not necessary to find any physical sales points.
  • Your windscreen remains undamaged since you do not have to attach a sticker vignette to it and then remove it, leaving scratches or glue residue.
  • It is extremely easy to complete the vignette online purchase – you should just complete a few steps on our website.
  • Online vignette system is more eco-friendly, as it does not require paper or plastic, only energy.
  • You do not have to use cash since there are numerous safe and convenient online payment options.


Do I need to buy a vignette in Austria?

If you plan to use Austrian motorways and expressways and the maximum permissible weight of your vehicle is under 3.5t, you need to obtain a digital vignette for Austria. Buy it online on our website by completing a few simple steps.

How much does a vignette cost in Austria?

The price of a digital vignette for Austria depends on the validity period and vehicle’s category and can be up to 129.00 EUR. You can pay online using your debit/credit card, PayPal, Klarna, etc.

Can I buy a vignette for Austria online?

Yes. Austria e-vignette can be purchased online in a straightforward way. You need to provide your contact details and vehicle data in the form, choose the validity period, and cover the fees. Promptly, you will receive the confirmation via email. A paper copy of a digital vignette for Austria is not necessary.

What is the validity period of the vignette Austria?

Currently, a digital vignette for Austria is available in 5 types according to the validity period: 1-day vignette, 10-day vignette, 20-day vignette, 2-month vignette, and annual vignette. Make up your itinerary and select a proper type of vignette for Austria.

Does a digital vignette for Austria have a cooling-off period?

If you buy a digital vignette for Austria through our website, you will be able to avoid the 18-day waiting period and use your vignette immediately. The online purchase can be completed in a speedy way, so you can get your valid vignette in no time.

Can I transfer an Austrian vignette to another vehicle?

You cannot transfer the Austria vignette to another vehicle, even if it also belongs to you. Each digital vignette is connected to a particular vehicle’s registration plate number.

What is the penalty for driving on Austrian motorways without a valid vignette?

Drivers using Austrian motorways and expressways without a valid vignette are subject to fines. The final fine can vary, depending on the vehicle’s category. It usually ranges between 65 EUR and 240 EUR.